The llama says it best, 45n5.com is a community of individuals who make money online and share their experience, knowledge, tools, tips, and more with each other to help themselves and others in the community make more money online.

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A Quick History

45n5.com was started as a blog in October of 2005 by Mark Wielgus, who at the time was earning less than $50 per month on the internet. 45n5 was a way for Mark to chronicle his journey. Well, about 14 months later in December of 2006 Mark made more than $1000 in a single month and has continued to earn more since then.

Mark’s story shows that earning money online takes time but it can be done. If you are looking for overnight riches you are in the wrong place. However, if you are looking for friends on your long journey to financial freedom via internet earnings, we’d love to have you stay and join us.

Our Philosophy

Increase the amount of money we earn online while decreasing the amount of money we spend in life to achieve financial freedom for as many members of the community as possible.

Will I ever make enough to quit my day job?

Realistically the odds are against you and for 99% of the people in the world the answer is no (we know, life isn’t fair). Also, one characteristic of most of the successful people online is they were willing to work at their goal for multiple years. Are you ready to put in that much effort to this online money making curiosity of yours?

If you are crazy and think you are good enough to be in that %1 that does quit their job to work full time online, it’s going to be a long bumpy ride, sosaddle up, we’d love to have you join our community!

Questions about 45n5? Send an email to mark at 45n5.com.