Adsense Secrets Scam Alert

Adsense Secrets Scam Alert

I HATE deceptive sales pages that promise one thing and deliver another.

Adsense Secrets that everyone is promoting right now is one of those products.

Everyone and their sister is promoting Adsense Secrets as a $9.95 ebook, however if you read the thousands of lines of text there is one small section that says you are buying more than just an ebook:

simply contact us and cancel your subscription at any time! Otherwise, you may continue to be in the Top 1% for the discount rate of just $29.95 every 30 days.

WTF? 99% of the site says I’m just buying an ebook. Everyone linking and promoting to this site says it’s for an ebook, but somehow I’m enrolled to pay $29.95 every monthnow?

I HATE that type of deceptive nonsense and so does everyone else. It’s the reason “internet marketers” have such a bad reputation, because people like Joel and Adense Secrets take advantage of them.

In fact this is so deceptive that I know at least one person that bought the ebook and had no idea about a $29.95 subscription (notes from twitter):

charleslau: @45n5 Oops. I bought Joel Comm’s book…

45n5: @charleslau – be sure to cancel your subscribtion for 29.95 per month now

charleslau: @45n5 Thanks for letting me know… I didn’t realize it. :O

Don’t feel bad though Charles, I almost bought this book as well thinking I was only paying $9.95 (I mean, many of my internet friends recommened it and it was only a book).

I got lucky and stepped away from the computer though from an interruption and came back with fresh eyes and noticed the fine print.

Buyer Beware

It’s my opinion that this is a scam to get you to subscribe to a $29.95 service under the deceptive disguise as a $9.95 ebook.

I was almost fooled, charles was fooled, Shawn didn’t realize or mention it in his review, Zac Johnson didn’t notice or mention it in his mention of the book, and I couldn’t find anyone promoting this for what it really is.

This is the type of marketing I hate and will never buy any info product from Joel Comm or recommend his products until he quits with these deceptive practices.

Buyer beware, adsense secrets is more than a $9.95 ebook.