Email Promotions – A Powerful Way To Network AND Promote Your Content

Email Promotions – A Powerful Way To Network AND Promote Your Content

Ever wonder how your fellow bloggers get more links and attention than you even though much of your content is better than theirs? They probably aren’t waiting around hoping people will link to them, they are doing something about it. One technique they use is an email promotion.

An email promotion is simply emailing the players in your niche and raising awareness about the great content you just created. I explain the “secret” of an email promotion in the following video where I show the results from a real email promotion I ran yesterday:

Note 1: ONLY promote your BEST content

Note 2: Don’t sell. Maybe suggest they pass the content along, but that’s it. The ONLY goal is to make people aware of your great content. It’s up to them what to do with it.

Note 3: Never email somebody more than once (twice max) per month for promoting your content.

If It Doesn’t Take A Long Time You Are Doing It Wrong

Emails are time consuming. It took me about 2 hours to send 30 emails and about the same time to respond to them all and the links. Do not do an email campaign as a quick fix or when you don’t have proper time to contribute to the promotion.

Here is My Email Address

I WANT to hear about your best content (most bloggers in any niche want good content). You can email me once per month to tell me about it. My email is mark @

Keep in mind that I’m the same as any other blogger, and I’m busy. Therefore I may not respond to every email, i will mention even less on this site, but I’ll at least read every email.

Note: Don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from a blogger.

Go Do Your Own Email Promotion

Regardless of the niche you are in, if you aren’t doing email promotions, there is a good chance your competitors are. Warm up to email, say hi, start networking, and start going directly to the source, for real.