How I made $4000 in 2006 with Hypertext

How I made $4000 in 2006 with Hypertext

Darren is running a group writing project with some nice prizes to boot. The topic of the project is reviews or previews, you choose. Here is my entry, a 2006 review.

How I made $4000 in 2006 with Hypertext

The title isn’t as sexy as some internet marketers would have, but when I update my money tracker at the end of this month it will show my internet earnings at over $4000 for 2006. My total earnings in 2005 were less than $500. What did I do different?

My improved traits that helped me earn more money in 2006 according to me:

1. Put ads first. I quit being apologetic about my ad placement and started putting them directly in front of visitors (when the majority are from search engines).

2. Many baskets. In most of 2005 I had only 1 website. At the end of 2006 I have over 20. This also helps hedge against Google updates.

3. Networking. I virtually met many cool people this year that have helped me with links and advice that I didn’t have before. Thanks.

4. Experimenting and not Listening. I probably tried a new idea most weeks in 2006. Most flopped however I learned allot in the process. I’m developing my personal style/niche now instead of trying to learn second handed from others (or at least much less frequently).

5. Content, Content, Content. Create it yourself, mash it up, create programs to make it for you, etc. In 2005 I had less than 1000 pages in google, I finish 2006 with over 23,000 pages in Google.

6. Attack something that works! In 2005 I had a few keyword phrases that I could rank for and earned “some” money. Why didn’t I attack those keywords, knowing they were money makers, and try and rank as many pages as possible? Towards the end of 2006 if I found something making me money I tried to make more money from it.

7. Go where the money is. I started creating content for more consumer related topics.

8. Learned PHP. Even though I started learning PHP in 2005, I really hit my stride in 2006. I’ll always be a hack but now creating a site from scratch, on a Sunday afternoon, to test a new idea, is not out of the question.

What I plan to improve on in 2007:

1. Multiple Income Streams – I plan to continue to increase my adsense revenue but strive harder to earn from other sources of income such as text link ads, selling something, and affiliate sales.

2. Focus – While I learned a ton from having multiple websites in multiple niches, I think a truly valuable site takes time and focus. I plan to continue experimenting with multiple sites/ideas because I enjoy it, however I’d like to focus on building a larger, more stable website and add to it for the entire year.

3. Create even more content!

In Closing
I’ll update this post over the next few days if I think of anything else. I hope you enjoyed it and good luck in 2007.