HowTo: Build A Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site In Under Ten Minutes

HowTo: Build A Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site In Under Ten Minutes

Notice: The ebay and youtube api have updated and this script is now here for educational purposes. I’ll make another update eventually, I’m working on some other projects at the moment. Feel free to modify this old version as you desire.

Here is how to build a Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site where I provide you with a video tutorial plus a free script to do the same for yourself. First check out the video:

Like I mentioned in the video the script may be coded very sloppy (it is), the script might be slow or not to your liking, however it’s free and I’m releasing it under a creative commons license.

This means you can use the script, modify the script, add to the script etc, just give credit with a link back whenever you use the script. Here’s the specific license the Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site Script uses:

Because this script is FREE please don’t expect any support from myself on the script. However because it’s under a creative commons license, you can modify the script to make it work better for you (if need be), just give credit for the original by adding a link back.

Bonus (not that you needed one 😉 If you create a site with a script please tell me about it (mark @ and I will link to it from this post. If you modify the script or make another version of it I’ll link to that to.

And here’s the script

(notice: there have been multiple changes since I originally posted the video. 1. A youtube developer id is no longer needed and the script is updated to use the google youtube api. 2. The default setup is for ebay users that use the commission junction affiliate program. 3. A site title is no longer needed because the homepage defaults to the first product page that is the first title.)

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Modifications (external sites and code):
Adsense Youtube Version (if you have video adsense units this might be the version for you)