The Current Value Of The Make Money Online Blogs

The Current Value Of The Make Money Online Blogs

Official Notice: Make Money Online Blogs Are HOT! Not only are they selling well we will probably be tracking over 250 of them soon (I’ve got a handful to approve yet).

There have been some notable blog sales in the Make Money Online Blogosphere and the blogs selling for substantial prices.

For instance:

Blogging Fingers Sold for $6000 with only 200 subscribers at the time of the sale. That is paying $30 PER SUBSCRIBER

Ryan Shamus sold for $2500 with only 90 subscribers on the day of the sale. That is paying $27.78 PER SUBSCRIBER

One Mans Goal currently has it’s high bid at $6400 and only has 182 subscribers on the day of the last bid. That is paying $35.16 PER SUBSCRIBER

How Much Is Your Make Money Blog Worth Then?

The average that people are paying per subscriber on a blog is $30.98 per subscriber.

Please don’t tell me these people are paying for some “perceived” earnings per 10 months equation or whatever. None of these blogs have been around 10 months to prove it. Therefore we’ll measure by RSS subscribers for this exercise.

I did a query on all blogs competing for the Top100 list to grab their feedburner stats and grabbed their subscriber count if my script could find it. I then simply multiplied the subscriber count by the going value of a subscriber at $30.98 and volia! The current value of each of the make money online blogs.

Would You Sell Your Blog For $30.98 Per Subscriber?

Well would you? My valuation is $23,544.80. I would NOT sell my blog for that offer. No way.

This isn’t a game for me. I’m also not in it for a lottery ticket or quick payday. Unless I was getting real hungry i wouldn’t sell and I don’t expect myself to get real hungry any time soon.

I’m not against starting some sites to sell, however branding/name recognition/reputation/relationship/networking are extremely important in this business. I’m learning this more and more every day. And a name or brand you build will give you the ability to earn much more over the long haul then selling out and have a nice few months.

Would you sell?

(disclaimer: Your results may vary. Valuations are for entertainment purposes only)

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